How We Help Immigrants Apply For A Greencard From Home in 14 Days 

Clients Who Use Hope Immigration

Hear From Past Hope Immigration Clients & Partners

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“Definitely recommend”

“She is very professional and always answer my questions definitely recommend”
- Juan Gomez, Client

"She is someone who cares."

"Sarah is extremely independent. She is a hard worker. She has a lot of attention to detail. She is very well-versed in what she does and a very good listener. She is someone who cares."
- Hans Hysenaj, Associate Attorney at Brand and Tapply, LLC

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"God send of a meeting"

"God send of a meeting with Attorney Sarah Parker. I received a thorough breakdown of the new CBP One program. Thanks again and God abundantly bless her and the Hope Immigration organization."
- Antoinette Akins, Client

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Our immigration attorneys leverage technology to get your applications submitted, FAST.   

Our clients get back time with their spouse, family, and friends without wasting hours scouring the internet for DIY guides.

Our Step-By-Step Process

Get peace of mind with your immigration status in the U.S. through the Hope Immigration system.

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Step 1: Free 15 Minute Chat

Talk to an immigration attorney about your situation and we will see how to help.

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Step 2: Legal Consultation

Sometimes, immigration gets complicated. If we need to do more research, we will schedule another call to maximize your chances of getting legal status. 

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Step 3: Legal Representation

At this point, you're a strong fit for approval. We'll send you some paperwork to fill out and a link to collect fees. 

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Step 4: Fill Out Online Form 

In most cases, we will send you an online portal, where you log in, upload required files, and answer questions required by the US Center for Immigration Services (USCIS). 

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Step 5: Review Application

After the form is completed, we send over the final application for you to approve before sending out. 

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Step 6: Submit Application

Done! We submit the applications and depending on what you have applied for, we will update you with next steps. We will be with you every step of the way.


We Are Immigration Lawyers.

Sarah Parker, Esq. is a licensed Immigration Attorney admitted to the Bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She is the founder of Hope Immigration, a virtual law firm representing clients in all 50 states. Sarah has helped several petition for green cards, employment visas, humanitarian visas, and asylum.


Procrastinating May Leave Your Legal Status In Jeopardy.

Delays and requests for more information are common. If you wait to apply, you may be putting your legal status in the US at risk.

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We Are On Your Side.

We will always prioritize compassionate listening, regular communication, attention to detail, and zealous advocacy from the time your application is submitted to hearing back from the USCIS.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please e-mail sarah@hopeimmigrationlaw.com

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How do you apply for greencards so quickly?

The technology we use allows us to collect all required materials from our clients via an online portal. After all the materials are uploaded and filled out, the majority of applications are submitted electronically to USCIS. 

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What if I already submitted my application but haven't heard back?

Unfortunately, if you have already submitted your application and are looking to have us expedite the process, we will not be able to help you. 

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How do we know that the information submitted is correct?

We leverage legal technology that constantly stays up to date on changes to immigration laws and legal forms so we are always sending the correct information to the USCIS. We also have immigration attorneys review your paperwork before it is submitted. 

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Why wouldn't I just submit the paperwork myself?

You definitely can! Information on how to submit your own application is available on the USCIS website. However, the law changes so frequently and quickly - if you submit an old application form or exclude important information, your application may be rejected. 

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How long does it take to fill out the information in the portal?

During our legal calls, we will provide you a comprehensive list of required materials to upload and questions to answer. Time may vary but clients can complete the required materials in a matter of a few hours.